The league Executive is comprised of one Representative from each team plus a group of Senior Executives who are elected annually. The Executive meets once per month (11 times annually) to discuss policy issues and ensure the smooth management of the schedule and other league events.

If you have a concern or question for the league executive, please contact them directly at a meeting or at the diamond. Each Team has an Executive member. If you are interested in participating in the league executive in the future, please speak directly to an Executive member or to your team Rep.

For full details on the executive process and the administration of the league view the BMSPL Constitution.

Financial records of the league can be reviewed anytime, please contact the Treasurer.

2018  League Executive:

Todd Swire, President

Brian Small, Vice President

Brian Sibbitt, Director of Equipment

Joel Penfold, Secretary

Eddy Resch, Umpire in-Chief

Glenn Taylor, Treasurer

Rob Kuhlne, Past President

Stuart Hewton, Webmeister

Paul Cavan, Social Coordinator