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Ruling Issues

This page has been dedicated to any rule clarification.
1. Picking up Umpires to Play - If a team is short players and do not have any pitchers then the picked up player can pitch for the team.

2. No Stealing on a Strike - The ball is dead, period. If a runner attempts to steal they have to get their ass back to the bag pronto.

3. Defending Player Deflects Hit Ball Over Home Run Fence - When a fair batted fly ball deflects off a defensive player over the home run fence, the batter-baserunner will be awarded 4 bases. This is not considered an over the fence home run for the +2 rule.

4. Umpire Appeals - Protests/appeals concerning an umpire's judgement (safe/out) are not allowed. Appeals regarding rule clarification and/or interpretations are allowed. Time must be called and the appeal must come from the Team Rep or Exec. All appeals must be heard, the Ump in Chief can be called if necessary. Other appeals allowed (since umps remain silent on them unless asked): leave base too soon on caught ball, missed base during base running, batting out of order, attempted start to 2nd base after play at first base. Umpires may consult each other at any time on their own volition. The final call is to be made by the umpire with responsibility over the base (after discussion).